iPhone applications uses IPA files for installation. Downloading applications with huge files using installous can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Speaking of such applications, navigation applications like Navigon, TomTom comes to mind. Such applications can easily be downloaded using BitTorrent clients like uTorrent. Once dowaloaded syncing with iTunes in order to install these application may also be difficult or rather impossible sometimes.


In such situations, it is pretty easy to just copy the downloaded file to installous and let installous take care of the installation. Follow these steps to copy the huge file to installous:


a.) iFunBox or any other iPhone browser



1.) Download iFunBox v0.992 BUILD374.323 or the latest version from i-funbox.com

2.) Connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cable

3.) Start the downloaded iFunBox

4.) Navigate to the iPhone directory “Raw File System/User/Documents/Installous/Dowloads”

      (All Installous downloaded files are stored)

5.)  Click on “Copy from PC” and locate the IPA file you want to copy and select it

      (The file will be copied in few seconds – High speed due to USB connection)

6.) Open Installous on the iPhone and click “Downloads”. The copied IPA file should be visible

7.) Just click to install the application


That’s it! Enjoy ;-)


Written on August 31st, 2011 , i-FunBox, iPhone, Jailbreake, Recent Posts

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    Kishore commented

    Thanks. I found portable app.

    28.12.2012 at 08:04
    siddharth commented

    Superb App… thanks a ton :) u made my life easy…

    19.08.2012 at 05:01
    Homie commented


    07.08.2012 at 08:35
    rich commented

    hey buddy! thanks a lot! worked perfect! you are the man :) keep up the hardwork

    09.07.2012 at 22:38
    Hamid commented

    Wonderful program to copy files directly to the installous download folder. Lovely enjoying every moment with this software. Regards,

    28.03.2012 at 19:28
    Matheswaran commented

    Wow.. Thanks mate… It worked out so well.. :) awesome… :)

    25.03.2012 at 14:41

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